Does anyone know of a good BFRB support group in New England? Or if the USA has a nationwide BFRB non-profit or somthing? Also if any of you out there with a BFRB see this please consider following my page, I’m looking to connect with people with similer struggles. 

Hi! The Trichotillomania Learning Center is the go-to source in the US. TLC also provides a list of local resources (including treatment & support groups) by region: (x)


A young man was tired of his dad always yelling at him to “just stop picking.” He finally told his dad, “when you tell me to just stop, it reminds me that I am failing myself and disappointing you, and makes me feel bad about myself.” Dad asked how he can help, and his son said, “Ask me to do you a favor, ask me something that will distract me.” Two days later, the young man is again in the bathroom, picking. Dad knocks on the door, “Hey son, would you come help me with the dishes?”

They both knew what this meant, but by being positive and redirecting, Dad could feel good about helping his son, and the son could feel good knowing that his dad supported him. Communicate your needs and the ones who love you will listen.

This is a great way to respond.

In a weird way I am actually really hoping that my thyroid is still causing problems (I have Hashimoto’s) because I just want there to be a reason for the constant, extreme fatigue I feel. And I want it to be something you can treat with a pill. Because goodness knows my depression is not that straightforward.


I got my tlcbfrb intouch Newsletter in the mail today and while flipping through, I come face-to-face with myself on an entire page! It’s to advertise the BFRB Precision Medicine Initiative (BPM) which is the largest BFRB treatment-based initiative ever run! I’ve heard details about this that includes involvement from NIMH, DNA testing, imaging studies, and involvement of reputable Universities across the USA! This edition is FREE online to access because of its extraordinary content relating to research!

To become a TLC member that receives these newsletters and all of the stuff shown above, join here.


With TLC focusing on a new approach to the skin picking community, you’ll see just what we, the Skin Picking Task Force (responsible for the recent survey distributed throughout the community), found out from your answers! Follow TLC’s blog for the findings, to be released next week.


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If you want to cover an open wound with makeup then I’ve found that dabbing a small amount of talcum powder on it creates a kind of artificial scab which can be easily covered with concealer and/or foundation :)

Personal Favour


Calling all of my hair-pulling and skin-picking followers! For my health psychology class I have to come up with an ad campaign to inform Canadians about a certain disorder or health issue. My prof said he wants something unique because people do obesity or alcoholism all the time. I would like to do mine on BFRB’s and I plan to make a pamphlet type deal containing written information and photos. I was wondering if anyone would mind sending me photos of their wounds from pulling or picking (e.g. legs, fingers, face if you want). The only person who would see them is my professor, and I don’t want to take anyone’s photos without permission hence why I’m asking. If anyone would like to help me out that would be awesome!

You can send photos to victoria.hatfield@carleton.ca or toss me an ask if you have any questions!

Dermatillomania helpful solution


I go to a nail Solon and get acrylic fake nails that are short. 

Acrylic nails have blunt ends and it’s impossible to pick at your skin without tools. Get rid of your tools! It drives me nuts sometimes I’ll admit, not being able to. but my face looks almost clear most of the time because of my fake nails.

This is how they apply the nails.

I’d like to get acrylics professionally applied someday! I feel like they would last longer and look better. For me it’s not only the blunt edges but also the sensation of having less direct control over the picking. It’s like the pressure is not longer directly against your nail bed. It’s against an acrylic thingy. Disconnected from the body. That’s what I find most helpful. My mom is suddenly obsessed with pampering pedicures so perhaps that’s what I’ll get instead when I go with her next.


I wanted to do a portrait depicting dermatillomania. I’m considering starting a support group for BFRD’s, though I haven’t met many people away from Tumblr who also have this issue. Maybe one day I’ll be able to make peace with my own skin.

As with most BFRB-related art/images, potential TW but I trust those who are triggered to distract & be mindful :)