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I Have Long Nails So I Won't Pick At My Skin →

Stumbled across this funny article after searching for ways to hide the scabs currently on my legs (article on the same site, recommended mixing lotion with foundation). 

I have a dance class today and while I’ve been good to my face, parts of my arms and legs are speckled with the places I messed with my (probable) staph infection.

I have to wear shorts and a tank so there’s no covering up that way. My current weapons include confidence and a band-aid on the worst part on my right shin. I asked my mom if it looked weird and she said it was definitely noticeable and asked what I would say if someone asked me about it (THANKS). I said, “the truth.” And I will in that case. 

Anyway I’ve been growing MY nails out and I thought this was good for a laugh.


Newest self portrait on skin picking disorders (dermotillomania).

Update: the nail polish hasn’t helped much but I also forgot to start by linking the scent to anti-picking mantras which has helped me with lotions in the past. The scent is still there. The polish hasn’t chipped and I am actually pretty impressed with the consistency, although some people have had a bad experience with it so maybe the bottles are sort of hit or miss.

September has GOT to be a big step forward for me. I don’t care about keeping “pick free” flawlessly, but something about the fresh start of a new month helps me psychologically. And I try my best every month, every day really…but right now I feel like I’m set up to do well this September. I don’t know why. I have a good feeling about it. And I’m not one to trust my intuition especially when it comes to unpredictable picking. But I just feel very strongly that I am at a point in my life that I need to move forward and leave the grips of this disorder behind. I know it will follow me my whole life. But for now, I need it to bug off. I’m going to try REALLY hard. I want it for myself and I also want to bring some hope to the community. 

Stay tuned for some new mantras I wrote in the shower. (Literally…on waterproof paper)

PS sorry I haven’t been interacting much with everyone on here…it’s the fatigue. What I wouldn’t do to not have this constant freakin fatigue.

Scented nail polish…

So. I went to the drugstore today looking for a hair product and came back with this bottle of Revlon’s Parfumerie “scented nail enamel.” I believe it was about 5 dollars.

I haven’t worn anything on my nails in awhile, and even just a basic coat of something usually keeps me more mindful of what I’m doing with my hands. But I thought this extra bit of sensory info might help keep me from slipping into a trance. Plus I love the bottle and I love smelly things.

So I got it in red because I don’t have any red polish, and red can be a good “stop sign” as well. The scent is “China Flower.” Unfortunately you can’t really test them out easily at the store because they only emit their scent when dry. This one turned out to smell like a cheap old lady perfume. Not in a bad way. But not really in a good way either. It is VERY strong right now, but I’ve read that the smell fades fairly quickly and the polish is prone to chipping. I’ll keep you updated on whether or not it helps me.

Hi there! Scalp, fingers, lips, all common hot spots. Biting at the skin around your nails is quite common too, and this is technically classified as dermatophagia. However it is in the same family of disorders (BFRBs), and all of these behaviors are related. It is not unusual for them to fluctuate and change. Starting a new medication could probably account for some of these changes, but they often occur so randomly that it’s anyone’s guess.

For the dermatophagia you could try wearing scented lotion on your hands (for example the Bath & Body Works aromatherapy eucalyptus spearmint is nice for both alertness and easing stress). When your hand gets close to your mouth, the scent can sometimes aid in becoming mindful and reversing the behavior, or buy enough time to grab a fidget or find a distraction. I’m also about to share my experience with scented nail polish, which could have the same effect. Stay tuned for that. As for the scalp, unfortunately it is difficult to find area-specific barriers. Scalp picking can be a bitch because it is tempting to do in public or around people, as it can pass for absentminded scratching. This was once a problem area for me. I wish there were a secret to stopping it. You just have to be kind to yourself and avoid negativity while still remaining realistic. Since your behaviors don’t require a mirror that you can cover, I definitely recommend getting a fidget like a tangle toy or spinner ring. And take it with you everywhere. Good luck <3

Yikes first “real” relapse today for the first time in maybe a month. The kind where you just don’t stop until there’s nothing left to do. The thing that bothers me is that I can’t figure out what triggered it. Everything’s fine. I hate that unpredictable nature of BFRBs. No rhyme or reason. Just life-ruining demons that never leave you.

I feel that I’ve become more mindful in recent months and that’s what has cut back on my picking tremendously. I haven’t fallen into a full-blown session until today. And even so, I felt the fight throughout. Me (real me) fighting to snap out of it. Normally I can do it and I can stop myself a couple times in a row and that’s all it takes. This time it was more akin to that voice in the back of your head nagging “you know this is a horrible idea you should just stop it now” but your fingers do not listen whatsoever. There were in fact many moments when I was able to do the thing where I physically stop myself, but each lasted about a second and next thing I knew my eyes and nails were trained on a new spot to pick at. And already picking. What an exhausting, ongoing battle. I felt like Gollum. This is nuts. I don’t know how we deal with this shit. Three cheers for us BFRB sufferers. We’re crazy resilient. And so is our skin, luckily. And so is mindfulness, if you let it. It comes back. Don’t lose it.

I think I will add on to my daily exercise/stretching and have a brief guided meditation session a la Youtube or whatever. Because I’ve become fairly good at meditation from all the times they make you do it in psychiatric treatment places. And maybe if I do it regularly, I’ll have more control over myself. Because it’s not an easy thing to get good at. Getting your mind to stop chattering is like getting yourself to step away from the mirror and put your hand down. I want to have that ability. I need to.