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Of course! These areas are actually extremely common and are some of my target spots as well. People pick in all different ways in all different places, it’s totally an individual thing.

For me, it’s easier to avoid these spots if you cover them up when you can, and if you are changing or showering or something, to do it as quickly as possible (easier said than done, I know.)

Thanks for your support! <3

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  1. spoopy-kanaya said: I pick my back A LOT, so anon is not alone :)
  2. recovery-tree said: Those are my very problem areas! Coconut oil sort of helps me…if my skin is oily, it’s harder to pick.
  3. gnomewithsocks said: To add to the consensus, I pick there too, and I’ve come across plenty of others who do so as well.
  4. muggleotter said: Boobs/chest/back are all problem areas for me as well
  5. shesassy said: to anon, I pick my breasts and arms. :) Not uncommon
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